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Your Data to Value

Upscale your Data V2


Thriving as a company today means being data-driven.  However  many companies are still struggling to collect or store their vast amount of data.  Yet, being data-centric means much more than storing and collecting data but creating value and insights for your business. Every business should consider building a roadmap to create efficient insights from their data.

At Business & Decision we can guide you to implement your full data roadmap and ensure your company is on track to become data-centric.  


Data Governance Wednesdays


  • Building the Data Governance Business Case
  • Data Governance - 14 best practices
  • How to become a Data-centric company?
  • How tools accelerate Data Governance
  • Trends & Innovation in Data Governance
  • What is the best approach to implement Data Governance?
  • What Managing Data as an Asset really means



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Data Visualization


  • Colors in Dashboarding, A Love-Hate relationship
  • How to create efficient data storytelling dashboards
  • Cognitive load, the Art of Balance
  • Create impactful Dashboards experience through good color usage
  • Challenge your dashboard
  • How to accelerate your decision making progress with Tableau
  • How to us Illustrator for powerful Data Visualization



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What it truly means to "manage data as an asset" in your company

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7 Reasons why your Analytics may not deliver ROI

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How to build a successful Data Governance Strategy?
Listen to our Business & Decision Expert Podcast to know more about the latest trends


Building the Data governance Business Case (replay)
Review our webinar on Data Governance to learn how you can get your initiative started



"Data is the new oil, it means data is now considered as an asset which was not the case before. This is becoming more and more obvious to everybody and to companies who realized that they must transform themselves to manage data as an asset". 


Julien Tagnon
Data Governance Expert at Business & Decision

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"We all know we should do Data Governance but how can this be justified? You have to make the case for Data Governance,. That means make people understand why it is needed. In a business context this is often achieved by making people see what is in it for the company and also (indirectly) what is in it for them".

Katherine Earnshaw
Data Governance Expert at Business & Decision