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Companies are facing a big automation gap with their enterprise applications that can be filled with Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP). LCAP aim at increasing user productivity and experience by delivering intuitively designed apps, replacing and automating manual processes, bringing insights and knowledge together on the spot, so that users can take the right decision.

Whatever the scale of your initiative with our PowerLAB approach, we mobilize multi-disciplinary teams to turn your ambitions into automation fast.

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How can we help your business to make a difference?

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If improving Business Processes was only about automating manual processes, why not just file up another IT projects to extend and integrate existing legacy systems and applications you might ask?

Well, company-wide ROI starts by looking beyond merely automating processes...

In this whitepaper we explain how low code platforms revolutionize automation, and how our PowerLabs help you to deliver value fast.

Read all about it in our latest publication




automation icon Automation

LCAP can power up your business with its automation feature which concretely can:

- Enable automation of (repetitive) tasks with Artificial Intelligence (AI),   Machine Learning (ML) or Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

- Orchestrate processes across users, departments and legacy systems


Mobile app to accelerate collaboration between the contact center and product experts at High end hardware stores

Hardware Stores Customer Relationship

Implementation of a future proof customer relationship solution to optimize agent performance and improve Client Satisfaction.


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Complaint Management  Optimization at the Belgian Federal Government with Process Digitization


FOD/SPF Logo - Transparent



Complaint management and processes have been optimized thanks to a modern Case Management solution with an extensive 360 degrees view on the history of complaint and interaction

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Analytics icon Analytics


With its Analytics feature, LCAP is offering the possibility for company to:
- Enable integrated process & app reporting to detect improvement process opportunities & bottlenecks.

- Embed Artificial Intelligence (AI, Maching Learning (ML) to support micro decisions like approvals, routings and escalations.


 Faster Decision Making Process for the Account Manager

BNP logo

Construction and industrialization of a corporate ecosystem at a known corporate bank that collects, transforms and ingests all sorts of available data in a global Data Lake, then serving the analytics needs to better act on customer follow-up.


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knowledge icon update Knowledge

LCAP offers also the possibility for companies to benefit from a powerful Knowledge feature and can:

- Accelerate access to knowledge for employees with virtual user assistants

- Connect to legacy BI, CRM, ERP, Workplace solution to bring contextual knowledge to the user



Digital & AI rewrite the rules of CX - featuring Forrester and Belfius

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In this webinar Belfius Insurance will tell us all about how they accelerated digital-first engagements and embraced AI-powered CX technologies to deliver truly customer-centric experiences.


Max Ball - Principal Analyst at Forrester
Pascal Buyle - Deputy Head of Customer Services Life & Health at Belfius Insurance
Stephane Minana - head of Europe CX & UC Sales Experts team at Orange Business Services
Neel Davda - DX Specialist, Enterprise at Genesys


How Low-Code Application Platforms bring value to your business?


Low-Code Application Platforms are linked to the Cloud, that explains a lot to this LCAP explosion. It's about visual application development, drag and drop construction, assembling of nice user interface and automating steps within business processes"

Soufyan Lemniai
Chapter Lead in Digital Expertise at Business & Decision

Experience Experience


LCAP provides also a great Experience feature which involves:

- Building web & mobile apps with a low-code / no-code development experience, allowing large control over user experience

- Reaching out to external customers and partners via portal functionalities


Global Cloud Application Platform & Center of Competence - Belgian Public Institution

A Cloud Application Platform based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been build at a Belgian Public Institution to improve the customer/citizen experience


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