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Your Data driven decisions


Implement a Cloud Data Platform with Business & Decision

Cloud Data Platforms are undoubtfully a game changer in the Market. They make data accessible to business faster and simplify their decision-making process while reducing the resources costs.

At Business & Decision, we offer a full set of solutions to support business in their data journey.

Do you want your business to be more data-driven?

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Luka Riester - Data innovation Professional at Business & Decision)
Peter Billen - Customer Engineer at Google

They will show how you can move focus from managing your data warehouse to solving business problems.


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Whether you're a business or technology professional, get the performance, flexibility and near-infinite scalability to easy load, integrate and analyze your data thanks to the implementation of a Cloud Data Platform.

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Should you build your own company platform
in the Cloud?

B&D Company Platform in the Cloud books only


Which cloud provider should you select? What is the best platform according to your business needs? How to run a smooth transfer of your data to the cloud?

We propose a set of solutions to support the full journey to your modern data platform, including a definition stage with a Data Roadmap and deployment services and support.

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How Cloud Data Platforms can accelerate
your Digital Transformation journey
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Today these Cloud Data Platforms are really enabling us and especially our customers to have a quick go to market, to have easy migration than before, and also to enable new types of use cases. 

Luka Riester
Data Innovation Professional at Business & Decision